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Say Goodbye To The GOOP! 3D Dental Impressions Are Here. 

Goopy, messy, gag-inducing. These are not descriptions any dentist wants to hear from a patient describing their dental experience! Dental impressions, whether for crowns, bridges or even Invisalign orthodontic treatment are just not a very pleasant part of any dental experience, no matter how sweet and understanding the dental assistant is! That is, unless you are a patient of Just Smile! Dental an Advanced Dental Care Facility of Los Angeles.

We ARE an Advanced Dental Care Facility 

True to our name, the dental technology at Just Smile! Dental Center is ADVANCED. Always on the cutting edge of dentistry, we’ve added the Trios 3D digital Impression system to our menu of high-tech dental offerings. Our patients appreciate the ease of dental impressions that comes with this great new technology.

How Do Digital Impressions Work?

The Trios Digital Impression Technology utilizes a specialized digital scanner, which precisely maps your dental anatomy, creating a perfect 3-dimensional computerized model of your teeth. This digital model is used to fabricate dental restorations, crowns, bridges and dentures that fit to near perfection. Never before has such accuracy been available.

Who Can Benefit From Digital Impressions? 

While all dental patients can benefit from the ease of digital dental impressions, this is especially good news for patients who experience negative reactions to having traditional impressions taken. Nobody likes goopy, messy sticky impression material in their mouth. Some patients experience more severe reactions, such as gagging, with bulky impression trays. In addition, digital impressions are more accurate and precise. Traditional materials are at risk for shrinkage, breakage and inaccuracies which can prolong dental restorations and produce a less than perfect fit. With digital impressions and virtual models, these problems can be avoided altogether.

If you are a dental patient who has a strong gag reflex, or know that you do not tolerate dental impressions very well, give us a call. Always accepting new dental patients, Just Smile! Dental team would love to have the opportunity to make you smile!